I have made my website but Google has taken a vow to never show it. The other search engines seem to show an instant disliking to it. Help!!
Suddenly my rankings have downed under the clouds after the short term basking in the sunlight.
One permanent and universal rule of SMO which you should keep in mind- Nothing is forever. That is why; if you have a website and you are really serious about business, you are going to need SEO always. The trends change and so do the visibility and ranking in SEO. No search engine is averse to your website; it is just lacking what it needs to be the hot favorite of them.

Can making a blog help my search engine ranking?
Per se, a blog cannot boost your ranking. They do what search engines like. Search engines love the warm and fresh smell of unique posted contents. Fresh contents give them a reason to index it. Same effect can be produced by archived newsletter or press release on your site.

I know one SEO company which has some special connection with one of the major search engines. What can you do for me?
We can simply advice you a word of caution- Beware!! Just do not listen to any phone calls, asking you to utilize that “privileged relationship” at certain amount of money. Most likely what they can do is to buy the PPC spots and show you the results. Remember, nothing can replace the results driven by organic and natural SEO.

How would you let me in on the traffic details of my competitor?
With the help of some SEO tools and comparative data that is out and open by your competitor, you can compare where you stand. However, we suggest you to keep tabs on your progress, rather nagging about the competition.

My site is not showing up, could it be banned?
The first and foremost rule of natural SEO world is to have patience. It bears not just sweet fruits but top results too. If you do not have SEO aid handy, it can take longer than usual. Until, you have not done anything to trick or mess up with search engines as in terms of content, design or development, you are safe.

Why do I need content? I have seen many website which have no content and still acquiring the top numbers in searches.
Content is not just the king. It is the kingdom of the SEO. A good content can bring in lots of natural links and visits. You need to remember that every site has a unique build up, appearance and content. Content can be just 250 words or 4000 words description. It could either comprise the pictures of products and rates. So, it is up to you to decide that how do you want to play with it.